Humus (V)   £3.00
Crushed chic peas, tahini, lemon juice & garlic    
Tarama (V)   £3.00
Freshly prepared whipped cod roe (fish roe plate)    
Cacik (V)   £3.00
Chopped cucumber and hint of garlic in creamy yoghurt sauce    
Patlican Soslu (V) £3.00
Aubergine & green peppers in special tomato sauce     
Yaprak Sarma (V)   £3.00
Stuffed vine leaves with rice, mint, parsley, onion & pine kernels    
Russian Salad (V)   £3.00
Potato, peas, pickle, egg mixed in mayonnaise    
Spinach Tarator (V)   £3.00
Fresh spinach with creamy yoghurt & a hint of garlic    
Prawn Cocktail (V)   £3.50
Prawns, lettuce, tomato, cucumber topped with sauce    
Feta cheese (V)   £3.00
On bed of lettuce and tomatoes    
Olives (V)   £3.00
Marinated black and green olives    
Mixed Cold Meze   £9.50
Humus, Tarama, Spinach Tarator, Patlican Soslu, Yaprak Sarma, Russian Salad, Cacik, Olives  
Sucuk   £4.50
Turkish spicy sausage     
Halloumi Cheese (V)   £4.00
Grilled Cyprus traditional cheese     
Sigara Boregi (V)   £4.00
Cheese, Parsley, seasoning pastry rolled & fried    
BBQ Red Onion (V)   £4.00
Seasones & slowly grilled, served with pimegranate syrup, turnip sauce    
Calamari   £4.00
Freshly fried squid    
Scampi   £4.00
Shrimp in golden crispy breadcrumbs    
Garlic Mushroom (V)   £4.00
Pan fried mushrooms in butter sauce    
Onion Rings   £3.00
Saute Potato   £4.00
Falafel (V)   £4.20
Mashed chickpeas, broad beans,herbs, served with humus & salad    
Mixed Meze   £11.00
Onion rings, Falafel, Halloumi, Calamari, Sigara Boregi, Scampi, Sucuk    
Green Salad   £4.00
With feta cheese & fresh seasonal greens    
Coban Salata   £4.00
Choped green salad with tomato, cucumber, onions, parsley,     
herbs topped with olive oil    
Ezme Salad   £5.00
Fresh chili, tomato, red onions, parsley & sauce    
All Kebabs served with rice, bread & salad.    
Lamb Shish £6.20 £8.90
Marinated cubes of lamb grilled on charcoal grill    
Chicken Shish  £6.20 £8.90
Marinated cubes of Chicken grilled on charcoal grill    
Adana Kofte Kebab £6.20 £8.90
Spicy minced meat grilled on charcoal grill    
BBQ Chicken Wings    £8.00
Chicken wings grilled on charcoal grill    
Pirzola Lamb Chops    £11.50
Seasoned tender lamb chops grilled on charcoal grill    
BBQ Lamb Ribs    £11.00
Lamb's spare ribs grilled on charcoal grill    
Aubergine Kebab   £10.50
Sliced aubergine pieces with minced lamb on skewers    
Vegetarian Kebab (V)   £9.00
Vegetables grilled on skewers    
Mixed Kebab   £12.00
Lamb shish, chicken shish & kofte kebab    
Grilled Chicken Beyti   £9.00
Spicy mince Chicken, herbs & garlic, charcoal grilled    
Grilled Lamb Beyti   £9.00
Spicy mince lamb, herbs & garlic, charcoal grilled    
Wood Oven Platter   £24.90
Lamb shish, Chicken shish, Adana kofte kebab, 7 pcs Chicken Wings,    
 3 pcs Lamb chops, 2pcs Lamb ribs    
Iskender Kebab   £10.50
Kofte kebab on pitta with yoghurt, special sauce & butter    
Halep Kebab   £10.50
Kofte kebab & Lamb shish on pitta with special sauce & butter    
Chicken Shish With Yoghurt   £10.50
Chicken shish with yoghurt & butter    
Lamb Shish With Yoghurt   £10.50
Lamb shish with yoghurt & butter    
Adana Kebab With Yoghurt   £10.50
Adana Kebab with yoghurt & butter    
Lamb & Chicken Shish   £8.90
Lamb Shish & Kofte Kebab   £8.90
Chicken Shish & Kofte Kebab   £8.90
Sea Bass (Levrek)   £12.90
Fresh sea bass Charcoal grilled served with salad    
Sea Bream (Cupra)   £12.90
Fresh sea bream Charcoal grilled served with salad    
Salmon Fillet   £12.90
Fresh salmon fillet charcoal grilled and served with mashed potato ans stir-fried vegetables  
1/4 Pounder & Cheese £4.00
1/2 Pounder & Cheese £5.00
Chicken Burger £3.50
Chicken Fillet Burger £5.00
Veggie Burger (V) £3.70
Chips (V) £2.00 £2.50
Chips in Pitta (V)   £2.90
Chips & Cheese (V)   £2.90
Salad in Pitta (V)   £2.90
Chicken Nuggets (8pcs)   £4.00
Rice (V)   £2.50
Baklava (N)   £4.00
Can Drinks   £1.20
Water   £1.20
Fruit Juices   £1.90
Ayran (Yoghurt Drink)   £1.90
Perrier Water   £1.90


Stone Baked Pizzas    
  Medium Large
Margherita (V) £7.30 £9.30
Mozzarella & our home made tomato sauce    
Genovese (V) £10.30 £13.30
Basil pesto & parmesan shavings    
Hawaiian Pizza £10.30 £13.30
Ham & pineapple    
Salsicia £10.30 £13.30
Italian sausage, bell peppers & onions    
Polo £10.30 £13.30
Chicken & fresh tomato    
Marengo £10.30 £13.30
Chicken, bell peppers, garlic & mushrooms    
Quattro Formaggi (V) £11.30 £13.30
Goat`s cheese, gorgonzola, parmesan shavings    
Quattro Stagione £11.30 £13.30
Mushrooms, artichokes, ham & olives    
Frenze (Large) £11.30 £13.30
Bell peppers, black olives, onions, pepperoni & jalapenos    
Pucillo £11.30 £13.30
Pepperoni, Italian sausage, mushrooms, bell peppers, red onions    
Lucco £11.30 £13.30
Chicken, baby tomatoes & basil pesto    
Grigliato Misto (V) £11.30 £13.30
Grilled courgette, onions, bell peppers, aubergine & sun dried tomatoes    
Diavola (V) £11.30 £13.30
Pepperoni, chilli sausage, bell peppers, fresh chillies & red onions    
Rustica (V) £11.30 £13.30
Garlic, fresh chillies, bell peppers, zucchini, mushrooms, red onions &potatoe    
Calzone Pizza £11.30 £13.30
Folded pizza with choise of 4 toppings    
Create Your Own £0.90 £1.00
Black olives, green olives, zucchini, garlic, mushrooms, red onion, baby tomatoes, sweetcorn, artichoke, aubergine, pesto, potato, pineapple, sun dried tomatoes, bell peppers, prawns, goat`s cheese, feta, gorgonzola, parmesan, chicken, cajun chicken, Italian sausage, jalapenos, ham, pepperoni    
Garlic Bread   £3.30
Garic Bread Cheese   £4.30